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Workshop Announcements

Workshop is (re-)announced in CADC's Meetings in Astronomy list.

Added: 7 December 2016

Applications for the DAG-MIRA-2017 (was DAG-MIRA-2016) will be re-opened on 14th of November, 2016.

Added: 9 Nov 2016

Due to recent incidents in Turkey, Local Organizing Committee of DAG-MIRA 2016 has decided to postpone the first workshop of the series to February 2017 (exact dates will be announced later).

Added: 30 July 2016

All invitation letters will be available automaticly after partcipation is accepted. To access the invitations, first sign-in and then click to My Applications link. If you are an invited speaker/lecturer, you have to be registered to the system too.

Added: 2 May 2016

MIRA-2016 in Numbers

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