DAG Meetings on IR Astronomy

MIRA 2017



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DAG Meetings on IR Astronomy

DAG-MIRA is an acronym for a series of meetings planned on infrared astronomy within the context of the DAG (Doğu Anadolu Gözlemevi - Eastern Anatolia Observatory) Project.

DAG is a giant leap in the Turkish astronomy which will enable Turkish astronomical community accessing directly to a 4 m class telescope equipped with state-of-the-art instruments as well as adaptive optic facility. More information about the DAG Project can be obtained from the website

One of the main objective of the DAG Project is to establish a facility that Turkish astronomical community can observe in near-infrared wavelengths. As this regime of the electromagnetic spectrum is not extensively studied by the community, the project team is willing to organize a number of meetings which will help Turkish astronomers and astrophysicists to improve their knowledge and network about the infrared astronomy.

These meetings will be organized mainly by the DAG Project Team under the name of MIRA (Meetings on IR Astronomy). Meetings can be in the format of workshop, symposium or colloquium. The main purpose of the MIRA series is to improve knowledge on infrared astronomy in general and to develop skills on IR data reduction and analysis of young researchers and graduate students. Thus, most of the MIRA events are expected to be in the format of workshop.

Local Organizing Committee
April 2016